Monday, August 18, 2014

Shelly Sterling Drive By In Beverly Hills

Honestly, I don't know what the universe is doing. I think it is having a laugh at me. First V. Stiviano, then seeing her again, then seeing Blake Griffin last week having lunch in Beverly Hills, over the weekend running into Donald Sterling and today SHELLY STERLING. Lions and tigers and bears Oh My.............

Expendables Star Dolph Lundgren Still Hot & Handsome

Ran into Dolph Lundgren earlier today and he looked HOT....

Former DWTS Contestant Billy Dee Williams Chats With KAT

Lando Calrissian also known as Billy Dee Williams was out shopping over the weekend in Beverly Hills. Unfortunately the "force" gave him a parking ticket.

Rock Star Sebastian Bach Seen Enjoying Lunch With Wife

Heavy Metal vocalist Sebastian Bach took his wife Minnie Gupta to lunch recently in Beverly Hills. Sebastian has a new album "Give 'Em Hell" that is out now.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Donald Sterling Hides From KAT

In a interesting twist of fate, I saw Donald Sterling yesterday. A car was getting towed and it turns out it was his at the time I had no idea but when he was leaving the restaurant I noticed that belly. He went back inside to order a driver to pick him up and his lady. Several months ago, I wanted to bump into Sterling in the height of the frenzy it didn't happen. I ran into V. Stiviano instead. Yesterday was a trippy day, I was in Zen. Donald Sterling is what he is. He can not change. It is unfortunate that so many were hurt in the process and that his family will be $2 Billion richer.

Blake Griffin Ignores Question On Clippers Sale

It is a tricky thing but NBA players are controlled. They can't say what they want which makes the whole "ownership" thing even more distasteful. After going to so many Clippers games in the past, I'm still torn about going to any more in the future. The Donald Sterling fiasco and not being aware of his discriminatory housing practices as well as his racism and other negatives, made me realize that what I give my money to means I'm supporting the views of the people who own the business. It was a sobering thought. Who owns what and who plays is a serious issue. The Lords and the serfs - the masters and slaves - the owners and the workers is a disturbing dance that has been going on for eons.
But it seem to come down that most of us will do just about anything for money. It is the world we live in.

Blake Griffin & Sasha Vujacic Hanging Out With Beverly Hills Fans

This was funny seeing Blake Griffin up close after seeing so many times at Los Angeles Clippers games. I don't know much about Sasha Vujacic but he is a hottie in those sunglasses he is sporting. Anyway, after practice the two had lunch at Il Pastaio and made some fans happy by taking some pictures.