Monday, August 25, 2014

Eduardo Verástegui - Caliente But Not In A Promiscuous Kind Of Way

So my Spanish is weak and I found out "caliente" can have several meanings like "boner" and "promiscuous" etc. I strictly mean it as a compliment in the most positive sense. HOT, Sexy, Handsome etc. I wasn't familiar with Eduardo Verástegui but Now I am. LOL! He has gorgeous eyes...

V.Stiviano How The Mighty Have Fallen - Driving A Hyundai

The woman or maybe she should be nicknamed the WoeMan, the right hand man of Donald Sterling also known as V.Stiviano was back to the same restaurant she was at the day before on Friday. Maybe money is running low, because gone were her variety of fancy cars. Stiviano rolled up in a Hyundai. She tried to hide the fact several times. First she parked on the street. When her Koi (owner) pal Nick Haque arrived she asked the valet to move it in the parking lot. Maybe Nick gave her some money. When V.Stiviano and Nick had finished their lunch, Nick got into his waiting SUV. Stiviano answered questions by TMZ and then realized that it wasn't smart to to go her car so she knocked on the door of Nick Haque's ride, spoke to the Valet in Spanish about her Hyundai and then got into Haque's car. Why the deception? All for appearances. Hey there is nothing wrong with driving an affordable and economical car. It is slightly amusing that the WoeMan whose life's mission was to show off her plunder: the designer bags, shoes, court side seats and expensive cars on her Instagram, is now hiding the fact that she is driving a Hyundai. God forbid she has to earn a living honestly like the rest of us.

Ray Donovan's Guest Star Rosanna Arquette Seen Leaving Lunch

Rosanna Arquette who most recently had an acting arc on 'Ray Donovan' (which will probably win several Emmy's tonight) seen leaving lunch recently in Beverly Hills. Arquette comes from one of the most successful acting families in Hollywood.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

V. Stiviano Despite Love Child Tale Says Donald Sterling Is Gay

TMZ is reporting that V. Stiviano just outed Donald Sterling. According to their story, TMZ is quoting that V. Stiviano said that "she was his beard and that Donald Sterling is gay." Didn't she say she was Donald's "right hand man". Then she said she never slept with him. Later V. said she had a love child with Sterling. Now Stiviano claims pimp daddy Donald Sterling is gay. I think V. stands for Vendetta in more ways than one. Which story is it. The funny thing is I heard a rumor a while ago that Sterling was gay but their was no proof just gossip. But nothing in Hollyweird surprises me. I think Diary of A Hollywood Street King was first to drop that bomb about the former Clippers owners being a homosexual. Regardless, money talks and freaks walk.
After seeing Donald Sterling over the weekend, then his wife earlier this week and then to see V. Stiviano today, I just couldn't bring myself to talk to her/him/beard/mistress/mother/famewhore.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Shelly Sterling Drive By In Beverly Hills

Honestly, I don't know what the universe is doing. I think it is having a laugh at me. First V. Stiviano, then seeing her again, then seeing Blake Griffin last week having lunch in Beverly Hills, over the weekend running into Donald Sterling and today SHELLY STERLING. Lions and tigers and bears Oh My.............

Expendables Star Dolph Lundgren Still Hot & Handsome

Ran into Dolph Lundgren earlier today and he looked HOT....

Former DWTS Contestant Billy Dee Williams Chats With KAT

Lando Calrissian also known as Billy Dee Williams was out shopping over the weekend in Beverly Hills. Unfortunately the "force" gave him a parking ticket.